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fib Belgian Colloquium: High tech concrete: where technology and engineering meet

13 April 2016 - 'Constant Vanden Stock' Stadium Anderlecht, Brussels

Scientific coordinator: Stijn Matthys

Program and presentations: (click on the titles to open the presentations)

13.00 Registration and coffee
13.30 Welcome
Prof. S. Matthys, Ghent University
13.35 About fib and vision beyond the horizon
Prof. Harald Müller, president of fib, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Report from fib Task Group

Report from fib Task Group fibT3.1 Reliability and safety evaluation
Robby Caspeele, UGent

14.15 Report from fib Task Group fibT4.1 Fibre-reinforced concrete
Benoit Parmentier, CSTC
14.30 Report from fib Task Group fibT8.9  Aesthetics of concrete surfaces
Niki Cauberg, WTCB
14.45 Report from fib Task Group fibT2.2.1 Shear in beams
Boyan Mihaylov, Ulg
15.00 Report from fib Task Group fibT5.1 FRP reinforcement for concrete structures
Stijn Matthys, UGent
15.15 Design and testing
Ir. Johan Vyncke, president of RILEM, Belgian Building Research Institute
15.30 Coffee break
16.15 Report from fib Task Group fibT6 Prefabrication
Stef Maas, FEBE
16.30 High tech concrete for new and existing structures
Patriek Depuydt, BESIX
16.45 Boekentoren Gent: renovation demanding high tech concrete
David Dewolf, Greisch
17.00 UHPConcrete for architecture
Steven Schaerlaekens, Holcim (membre de Febelcem)
17.15 First UHPC pedestrian bridge in Belgium
Bert Marynissen, SECO
17.30 Safety and working life of existing structures
Dr. Stuart Matthews, chair of fib C3, Building Research Establishment (BRE), UK
17.55 The upcoming fib Symposium 2017 by fib Belgium and the Netherlands.
Prof. L. Taerwe, head of fib BE delegation, chair of BBG, co-chair of fib Symposium 2017, Ghent University
18.10 Cocktail and networking
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